Florian Voss is an acclaimed international tenor who continues to impress audiences worldwide with his beautiful belcanto voice. Albeit his young age, Florian Voss has had various title roles in opera houses, concert halls and arenas across the globe.

He has created the famous international studio in his name, teaching skills and techniques to help you achieve new vocal heights:
Florian Voss VOICE, BODY & SOUL®.

Besides his fulltime engagement as a tenor at the Royal Swedish Opera, Florian is  also featured in the celebrated Australian based group, The Ten Tenors. The popular group, known for their colorful repertoire and dynamic live performances, reaches out to more than 90 millions fans world-wide and they have performed alongside iconic artists such as Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman and Andrea Boccelli.

Customised step by step Vocal Coaching, Vocal Workshop and the famous International Summer Program will help you reach new performance levels, and achieve a long lasting impression on your audience! Our premium collaboration with international celebrities from the top music industry offers you the ultimate coaching experience.




Florian Voss

Founder of Voice, Body & Soul®

Florian Voss was born in northern Germany and grew up in Bremerhaven. At the tender age of 35, he has already captivated spectators around the globe with his fine classical voice. Florian completed his training at the University of the Arts Bremen, at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg and at the New York Film Academy in New York. For the last six years, Florian sang at the Royal Swedish Opera House in Stockholm, where for two years running he was awarded the royal bursary for outstanding artists. He has also performed in LA TRAVIATA at the Tonhalle in Zürich, THE MAGIC FLUTE at Baden-Baden Festival Hall, in the Segerstrom Concert Hall in Los Angeles and in the DirectTV-Arena in Buenos Aires. Florian also toured the world for two years with a tenor group for Sony Music, which provided him with the opportunity to impress a global audience with his expressive voice.
In addition to his passion for opera singing, Florian founded  the Florian Voss Voice, Body & Soul® music school in Stockholm in 2014.



    Here Florian works with Broadway greats such as Arbender Robinson, Titus Burgess, Annette Tanner, Alexis Carra, Lindsay Roberts, Thom Warren & Alex Newell.
    Florian has developed his own unique teaching method which helps talents from around the globe to swiftly realise the true potential of their voices. Florian has coached singers of all ability levels, company owners and speakers around the world, impressing among others Mariah Carey´s casting director. He works voluntarily with immigrants from around the world with his Voice, Body & Soul® Integration Choir. He is also in demand as a producer of special show concepts for hotels throughout Sweden.

    We are thrilled that Florian has now joined the 12 TENORS and will join us in wowing audiences in Europe and around the world!

      Eline Solberg

      Office Manager

      Eline is from Bærum, Norway. She started dancing at the age of nine, a hobby which soon turned into a passion. It took her to a dance program in High School and further on to study musical theatre at Bårdar Akademiet and Bårdar International in Oslo, where she graduated in 2018.

      Since graduating, Eline has already had the opportunity to work abroad multiple times; in Sweden, UK and Greece, as well as at home. In Norway she has travelled all over the country doing shows with City of Friends, Fireman Sam and Postman Pat, as well as teaching dance. Eline is trained in various techniques of dance, but especially enjoys traditional jazzdancing, musical theatre dance and tap dance. She is an original member of the Oslo-based Tap dance company Offbeat Entertainment and danced in and co-choreographed their show Rhythm is our Business in 2015.

      Apart from performing arts, Eline is passionate about cultural exchange, and lived in the US for a year as an exchange student during high school. Since returning home, she has been working for the company she travelled through. She is excited that being a part of the Voice, Body & Soul® team allows her to experience even more cultural exchanges!

      Eline is also excited to be a part of the team of artists Florian Voss has chosen to perform, in several of his shows the coming year.




        The international vocal studio of renowned tenor Florian Voss was founded in January 2014 on a small island named Blidö, in the Swedish archipelago. Since then Florian’s vocal studio has become increasingly popular and reaches out to individuals from all backgrounds, nationalities and all levels of music experience.

        Florian Voss has developed a unique concept, which embodies three key pillars enabling one to become a unique performer: The Voice, The Body and The Soul. To achieve the highest balance and flow in all three different parts of our being, Florian has created  outstanding training exercises, which allow you to enhance your self-awareness and reach your full potential.

        A concept was born: Florian Voss Voice, Body & Soul®.

        We offer Vocal Workshops, Vocal Coaching and Company conferences and seminars. Our goal is to make you more successful, happier and better in your performance, your daily life and also make you a better public speaker, through your Florian Voss Voice, Body & Soul® experience.

        Sharing love and joy are important factors of our coaching. Confidentiality and a warm welcome will make you feel fully comfortable during your training with Florian Voss Voice, Body & Soul®.

        We support professional artists all over the world as well as training those who aspire to become professional artists. Beginners are also welcome – we believe that everybody can sing and express themselves through their voices!

        Revealing your personality, finding your full potential and refining your singing skills are included in our mission.

        We employ internationally renowned coaches, offer an inspiring environment for your studies and supply you with the right tools to expand your voice, body & soul!

        We stand for:

        Highest quality in all coaching
        Excellent Customer Service
        Inspirational locations for your individual Vocal Workshop
        Highly educated and experienced coaches from all over the world
        A consequent and rounded teaching method and great social skills
        A comfortable atmosphere in your vocal studio
        Tried and tested teaching methods
        Stars and Special-Guests for your individual Coaching & Vocal Workshop




        The International Vocal Studio of Florian Voss Voice, Body & Soul® was officially founded in January 2014 in Sweden. Florian Voss’ studies inspired him to name his concept Florian Voss Voice, Body & Soul® as the embodiment of all components to fulfill human potential.

        Everything started in date when Florian attended master-classes with Prof. Kurt Widmer from Basel at Universitet Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. During those first classes, Florian took the time to understand the whole concept of human behaviour and movement.

        ”How does my movement affect others experience of my voice?”
        Prof. Kurt Widmer has shown that children move very naturally. They have no restrictions within their body and they smile from their heart.
        During our lives we make compromises and we collect a large array of experiences. This weighs us down and hinders us from developing ourselves.

        Imagine if you could reverse that processin.

        Prof. Kurt Widmer found that music awakens those movements that we lack in our daily lives and reactivates the flexibility that we had when we were young. He designed exercises that distract participants and allows them to realise their whole potential and engage their inner child. As Prof. Widmer would say: “Ich bin nicht gegen Ordnung, aber gegen Unterordnung, nur weil es die Dressur verlangt!” – “I am not against order, I am against disorder due to dressage and conditioning”

        Movement is complex. Movement is many small moments happening one after another, connected to a final goal. It can be compared to the mechanism of a clock – many small cogs working together to keep the clock ticking.
        If we can become aware of these cogs we would be able to achieve our true potential.

        It is scientifically proven that most human beings almost never reach their full potential in daily life and at work. Many philosophers state that the human being is an animal of imperfection.

        Florian Voss shares this view. Individual elements such as the best education, the strongest voice or even being expert in yoga do not make you a better you when applied separately. Only by combining elements such as these will you unlock your true potential.

        After his classes with Prof. Kurt Widmer, Florian asked himself: What does it take to become a star and to achieve one’s full potential? Observing and working together with some of the greatest stars in the world, Florian came to the following conclusion:

        It is the whole being that matters, the combination of VOICE, BODY & SOUL. The key is your AWARENESS of those elements.

        All of our coaching programs will train your awareness of your VOICE, BODY & SOUL to make your dreams come true – to help you in becoming a happier you!

        Over time, Florian has developed some of the exercises of Prof. Kurt Widmer and has added his own ideas. One of those ideas is the concept of TOUCH! He understood that working with our muscle memory can bring us closer to our own experiences and allow us to better contact our inner child. By guiding through contact, he helps his students to become more self aware. This allows them to refine their skills, touch other peoples minds and in time, become more successful.

        Since 2014 we are organizing some of the most interesting Vocal Workshops and Masterclasses around the world for both professional and amateur singers. We are also offering engaging and inspirational lectures for companies as well as taking many VOICES, BODIES and SOULS to the next level!