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Every year at Florian Voss Voice, Body & Soul® we hold international master classes, both in Sweden and outside of Sweden all around the world. We collaborate with Folkets Hus & Parker , Broadway Dreams Foundation and different international institutions to find your talent. During our programs you will learn key techniques to multiply your talent assets and become a happier and better performer.   The only thing you have to do is to participate in our master classes to improve you learning abilities attend one of our events with our cooperations partner. During all our programs we observe, determine those participants who we think have the best possibilities to reach the next level.

Decisions made are based on 3-key criterias:

By getting to know you better and learning about your individual talents, we consultate with coaches from all over the world to send out our nominations. Nominations are given out by our founder Florian Voss, if you have been nominated for one of our scholarships we kindly ask you to fill in an official application with us and send in an motivational/music video. Every year at the end of April we announce scholarships given out for the upcoming season. Take your chance and show us your talent, who you are & become a happier and more successful singer. Register for one of our programs right now by clicking on the register button and you may have an opportunity to become our next scholarship nominee. (Final decision for scholarships is made by an international committee of professional artists and singers. The content of your scholarship will be announced after you’ve been granted one.)  


In cooperation with Broadway Arts Camp and Broadway Dreams Foundation United States of America


Students that have been granted a 50% tuition offer with BAC in 2018


About Broadway Arts Camp

Broadway Arts Camp is a 7 day performing arts intensive for aspiring artists at any age and level who are serious and passionate about honing their skills in dance, acting, and singing. We train our students to love doing the work focusing on the technique and dedication it takes to be come great storytellers. Learn from internationally acclaimed teachers and seasoned Broadway and Film/TV performers Alexis Carra and Chryssie Whitehead. For further information please visit or email OBS! Scholarships are just given out to Swedish residents after nomination by our founder Florian Voss and approved application through our supporters and sponsors.



Broadway Dreams goes Germany

In 2019 we offer one of our students a unique possibility to learn from the stars. We provide flight, accommodation and a full course for our student to participant in the world famous Europa Park Broadway Dreams Foundation Masterclass. You will work with a huge amount of Broadway Faculty and have the chance to impress famous casting directors in auditions.

These years nominated students are:

Lena Ponge

Patricia Olmos Polanco

Nils Axelsson

Alessandro Schulze

Nina Sand

Broadwaydreams camp going to Germany September 2018